Monday, March 24, 2014

18 Years and...

he can still surprise me!!!!

My crow and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this past weekend. We don't generally make a big deal out of our anniversary. No gifts. No fancy dinners. Just a quiet "happy anniversary" and keep moving on.

But, this year, we took the time to be together for a couple of days. We don't get much time as a couple (or as a family for that matter) anymore what with living in two houses and never seeming to be in the same one at the same time!

So, we were out for lunch over the weekend and he suddenly puts this on the table.

I was gobsmacked! Stunned! Speechless! 

Seriously. I think my mouth hung open for at least a full minute! (And, let me tell you, me speechless is not an easy thing to do!!!!)

A present on our anniversary?

And, not only a present, but one from Pandora? (Yes, I knew it was from Pandora without even opening the box!)

My hubby does not like Pandora. Thinks it is a trend that will end (he's probably right but I'll still have the charms and all they mean to me when the trend ends!) and costs WAAAAY too much money (again, he's probably right but don't tell him I said that!)

So, I open it up and find, not one, but TWO charms!


And...he tells me he picked them both out and then tells me why!

Double Wowzer!!!!

This one (which is called Journey) he picked out to symbolize the journey we have been on together for all of these years and the journey still to come. Aaaaahhhhh!

And this one...

Gift from the heart, clear cz
(which is called Gift From The Heart.) he picked because it is actually a little box that opens up and has a small diamond ring inside it. Like an engagement or wedding ring. He thought it was ironic since I don't wear my wedding rings and neither does he.  

I love them both! Then we went back to the store to buy a clip because they had a deal on that would give me a free bracelet bangle if I spent another $30. 

Spend another $30? No problemo!

I added this clip...

You're a star, clear cz
called You're a Star because stars have special meaning to us. The star helps me to remember that love can triumph over adversity and that together we are better than we are apart. I have a new bracelet bangle coming to me soon! They were sold out so I have to wait a little bit. 

But, hmmmm....a new bangle means...more charms!!!!

Good thing he has already proven to be a romantic who is willing to buy charms for me because it makes me happy since I have a feeling he's going to be visiting the Pandora store a lot more in the future!



Sunday, March 16, 2014

Letter To A Person Younger Than Me

On Friday we watched this video from Kid President...

Then each of my lovelies had to write five things that they thought a person that is younger than them needs to know about this world. 

Here are some of their ideas....

…school is where you learn things

…treats are really yummy

…you will like when you get a big boy bed

…when you walk, you fall off and you cry but you need to stand back up

…you get cake on your birthday

…sometimes you have a good time and sometimes you don’t

…never be hard on yourself

…always be healthy

…sometimes when you fall you will cry. Sometimes you won’t

…sometimes there are 2 rainbows, sometimes there aren’t

…when you ride your bike, you need to wear a helmet

…when you’re not happy try to be happy

…when you’re sick get lots of rest

…the world can be scary

…pedal when you ride a bike

….stir the ice cream when you eat it

…don’t give up

…you can make new friends, just ask

…if someone is bullied, stand up

…sometimes you can control yourself

…meeting other people is okay even if they don’t smile

…don’t ever forget to use your manners

…always be kind even if someone does something wrong

…don’t judge someone by their look because we all have a loving heart

…don’t give up, stand up and work harder

…take turns

…be a good sport

…do not be a bully

…do not eat Rice Krispies until you are 3

…sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t

…if you fall down, pick yourself up

…try your best

…be awesome

…do work

…some people don’t smile but they are still friendly

…sometimes the night is scary but it is okay

…always share

…be brave

…never hit your Dad

…learn not to cry for nothing

…learn to not touch other people’s stuff without asking

…learn to not bite others

…sometimes you just get nothing

.…some days you are feeling bad but remember tomorrow is another day

Do I have a wise bunch of lovelies or what?!?!

I especially loved the letters that were written with a certain young person in mind. One or two lovelies wrote to younger siblings. Others to younger cousins. Gave me a picture of things that the younger sibling or cousin does (like bite!) But, really, all of the letters were really sweet and some just made my heart ache they were so filled with good advice. Sigh...

I forgot to send the Gratitude Journals home but this gives an idea of our last entry. Think we'll be taking a bit of a break from them in third term (can you believe it will be third term after Spring Break? Only 12 weeks of school left!!! CRAZY!!!!!) and do some literature responses instead.

Hope it isn't raining on your Sunday!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Community Art

Every Thursday morning we do art with the whole community. That means that we have roughly 72 students all working on the same art project at the same time. It can get a little bit crazy!

I love it because 9 times out of 10 I get to come up with and teach the lesson. If you haven't figured out that art and creativity are my favourite things to teach, then I guess you haven't been reading very carefully!

Anywho, last week I wanted to do a project that was simple, small and made a big impact. I found this wonderful project done at a school with an artist in residence and it looked pretty amazing. 

Primary Schools Arts Education Projects | No Added Sugar
from here

I took this amazing installation piece as my inspiration and we did a lesson on symmetry, colour and shape. The final result is a beautiful bulletin board outside of our community. It makes me happy each and every time I walk by.

And the quote is something I think that we could all bear to hear more often...

Happy Flying!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting Crafty...

I have been running a weekly Craft Club at my school since this past Fall. The PAC gave me a bit of money to get it started but that is long since spent. Had a pretty strong feeling that $100 wasn't going to take us far and it didn't. Not when I have upwards of 20 kids each week wanting to make the different crafts!!!

So, now I've had to get creative. What can we make with things I already own or that can be easily found within the school? I've delved into some of our community supplies and we've been sewing Spring birds. These have been a big hit! This group really likes anything that has to do with sewing (which is my first love when it comes to crafting, too!) 

The kids have been working on these for a couple of lunch hours and are just now starting to finish some. Thought I'd share a few here. 

I am going to try to keep the club going best I can what with having already spent the funds for this school year. I might need to do a parent appeal for supplies or something. I'll have to see how it goes after Spring Break.

I just know that for the kids who come regularly it is something they really enjoy. And for a few of those kids, it is something that they NEED. Some of them don't have tons of friends or activities to keep them busy over long lunch hours and the craft club gives them a safe place to come. So, fingers crossed that I can keep coming up with ideas and supplies!!!!

Happy Crafting!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Somehow last week just slipped right by me....

It was a bit of a weird week because I spent more of it at my own house than at my mother's. I had a bit of a cold going on and didn't want to make her sick so spent the last 5 nights at home. It was soooo weird! I actually woke up on Thursday with absolutely no clue where I was! It was the most discombobulating feeling!

Anywho, thought I'd share something not mother or school related today.

Amazing, right?

I have taken my sewing machine over to my mother's with the hope of being able to use sewing to fill some of the hours up there.(I'd love to say that every hour is filled with the joy that is living at my mother's but, alas, I can not. She really isn't much into talking these days and there are only so many game shows I can watch without wanting to scream in agony!!!!)

So, I started a quilt that is made up entirely of old fabrics and sheets that I have been hoarding or that I found in my mother's linen closet. I know, I know, I shouldn't have just helped myself to her linens but she doesn't remember that she owned that old white sheet with the holes in it much less care about it!!!

I am making my take on a modern quilt to go on our bed. It helps a little (or maybe not!) to know that I love white interiors. My ideal house has lots of white. White furniture, white walls, white linens, white, white, white. With pops of colour coming from the art or the odd painted piece of furniture. Weird, I know, since I never wear white but I do so loooooove it in a room. 

So, I've cut different width strips of fabrics that are all in the white or off white family and sewn them together. Then I got my mum and daughter to help me brainstorm words that are important in life. Words that convey what we all want: family, love, laughter, patience, cheer, happiness. You get the idea! And then, I got out my red thread and started free sewing the words on to the strips. I am loving how it is turning out!

Can't wait to see it all done and on our bed!



Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Ahead...

Went to bed last night not remembering that it was Daylight Savings today. Woke up very refreshed at 9:30 and then couldn't figure out why the kitchen clock and my phone had two different times! Finally, Googled Daylight Savings and figured it out! Duh!

Went for a walk in the beautiful pre-Spring sunshine today and couldn't resist snapping this shot. It just helps me to remember that Spring is on its way.

Hope you all had a good day!



Monday, March 3, 2014

A little late to the Currently party...

...but I got here!

March has come in like a baby lion here this year. Some rain on the weekend and chilly nights but nothing like some other years. Thank goodness!

It seems crazy that we only have 14 more teaching weeks in the school year. 

I know!!!!

14 weeks! Two more before Spring Break and then 12 after. Where did the time go?!?!


Anywho, it is that time again.

Yep. Time to join the Currently party over at Farley's blog, Oh Boy Fourth Grade

Here is mine... you watch the show Almost Human? It is filmed here and pretty much all that is on Monday nights. (Unless you watch the Bachelor - which I don't!) My hubby was on it tonight playing a dead homeless guy. Hey, don't laugh! A day as a dead homeless guy pays quite a few bills!!!!

loving...I have my sewing machine set up at my mother's house. I've been working on my take of a modern quilt that will go on our bed one day. Think strips of old white and off white fabric and red words. Sneak peak coming...

thinking...these last few weeks with a student teacher have been really great. She is awesome and the class has really taken to having her. I am loving all the great ideas she is introducing and it has re-energized my teaching. However, I think I am going to be veeerrry tired after Spring Break when I have to teach full time again! of these years I am going to be able to go away at Spring Break. Somewhere, anywhere, just for a few days of R & R.

needing...I love, love, love the yoga class that we do at school once a week after the kids have left. We have a great teacher and I am feeling awesome. I've been doing some yoga at home but really need to step it up and take more classes if I want to keep improving. Which I do!!!!

???????...can you figure out what the question is based on my three answers? Leave your guess in the comments and I'll post the question in a couple of days!