Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Out of the mouths of babes...

I got a kick out of this the other day. One of my grade one students wrote this in his journal. 

Truer words were never spoken. 

Which is not to say that some of the work isn't fun but, still, he's got the right of it. 

Now, if only I could keep them working until the end of this last week of school! I'm not holding my breath!!!!



Saturday, June 6, 2015

Currently...June 2015

I am pretty sure that, in 1386, when Geoffrey Chaucer first penned what has become the phrase "better late than never" , he wasn't thinking about being late in writing blog posts!!!

However, I am going to avail myself of that phrase today and do the Currently for June!!!!

listening...I've been hunting songs to use in my year end slide show. I think this one has made the cut!

loving...I am so ready for summer. This year has been a long and difficult one for me with many challenges in all areas of my life. Not to mention, that it started with a strike for most of September (oops! wasn't going to mention that!) I am ready for summer. 14 days to go....

thinking...I really need to get going on my report cards but I somehow managed to leave my flash drive at school on Thursday (I didn't go in on Friday. I slept all day. Literally, ALL day!!! The bug going around the school finally caught me. Sneaky germs!!!!) They are due on Friday this week so I am sensing some long nights ahead of me. Sigh....

wanting...I know, I know, I'm about to be on summer holidays for 10 weeks. Isn't that a vacation? Well, I would just love to go on a real honest to goodness vacay where I physically leave my hometown. It isn't going to happen this summer but I want it to!!!

needing...I've been working on this for a few weeks now. Just downloaded 642 pictures I've taken lately. Yikes! I need to do some major editing or it is going to turn into my year end documentary!!!

summer lovin...
...sleeping in is the best. Doncha think? I am not a morning person AT ALL and love the days of rolling out of bed around 10 to enjoy my coffee on the back patio.
...organizing my classroom. OMG, I am looking forward to doing this SO, SO, SO much. If you aren't a teacher you probably won't get this but the time I spend in my classroom over the summer is crucial to my sanity from September thru June. Losing the time last summer and not being able to clean, purge, sort and reorganize (because of the strike) was horrible!!!!! It made my year so much more difficult. I NEED those summer days to get my room set up. I know that technically I am not expected to work in the summer and that coming in is my choice (and unpaid) but if I don't put the time in on my physical space, it is so hard to get my head on straight and feel ready to go in September. It makes the time given to work in the summer so worth it when my stress level is lower for the other ten months.
...lazy days. What's there to add to that?!?!



p.s. I hit 20,000 views today. Woot! Woot! That isn't much by blog world standards but it is A LOT by mine! So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you come on back to see me soon!