Monday, November 14, 2011

It's official...

I have bronchitis. Sigh.... After 6 days of sleeping, coughing, sleeping, coughing, sleeping (you get the idea!) I got into the doctor today. I spent a goodly part of the afternoon sitting (exhausted) in a clinic waiting for an x-ray so that my doctor can confirm that it is only bronchitis and not pneumonia. I am crossing my fingers that his initial diagnosis is the right one! I am starting antibiotics today and (knock wood) they will start to kick in within a day or two. If my breathing does not improve by Thursday I will have to go back to my doctor and take stronger meds.

I can't remember ever feeling so weak. I don't even have the energy to take the dog around the block without needing a nap after!!!!! Being so exhausted is soooo boring. I am not the kind of person who takes well to doing nothing. Even reading or working at the computer can only be done in short stints since I tire so easily.

I really miss the energy and action of the classroom. I miss the kids, seeing my colleagues, all of it. Sigh... I will be home for at least this week and I am hopeful that the antibiotics will kick in and I will be well enough to come back to work (with energy) by next Monday. Crossing my fingers and toes!!!!!

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