Monday, August 27, 2012

Setting Up The Classroom

It is that time of year again...set up time.

I don't know any other profession where people go in on their own time to set up their offices, work areas etc the way that teachers do. It is crazy! If you know anyone else who has to do this, please let me know so I know which professions I should be commiserating with each year!

In the summer, the custodial staff clean our classrooms and, in doing so, our furniture all gets stacked and pushed and shoved out of the way. I am always so happy to come back to freshly waxed floors and clean carpets!

But, I hate coming back to all my furniture all over the place and me having to move it all back where I want it to be. (And my back hates having to do it, too!)

Here is what the room looked like when I came back last week.

Walking in I found my cubbies like this... (aren't the floors shiny?)

From the cubbies, I walked into my room. To the right is my desk area...looking like this:

To the left is the art area...looking like this:

Straight ahead of the door from the cubbies the other ends of the room...looking like this:

Then, when I walk over to the windows and took a shot looking back at the entry. Here is what it looked like:

You can't really see it but there is a sofa in front of the windows on the left (I am super duper lucky in that I have windows on both sides of my classroom! Well, until we move into our new building.)

So, as you can see, I have a lot of work to do. Last week I spent about 6 hours. And today I was there for another 2. I am hoping that I can get it pretty much finished before Thursday. I hate feeling like my summer is over before it really is, you know?

Stay tuned for the reveal of the classroom in the days to come!

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