Thursday, March 7, 2013

So, I have been incommunicado on the blog lately.

It is report card time.

Enough said.

I handed my reports in yesterday and so am now crawling out from under the report card rock to share class happenings again.

Lately in class we have been doing a lot of reader's response writing. This class does much better at writing when given a topic. Doing free writes is not their forte!

The class has also been doing a lot of thinking and talking and writing using describing words. We are trying to make our writing juicier and more interesting. I am happy to say that some juicier words are starting to pop up in their writing. Yay!

Since I haven't shown any student work for a little bit,  I thought I would share a few samples of the students writing tonight.

Last week, we read a book called A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood and then
A Quiet Place

the students had to write a response telling me about their quiet places. Here are just a few...

The beach is my quiet place because I like the sound of the waves splashing and relaxing.

My quiet place is on my Mom's lap. It is cozy and my comfy, too. I always sit on my Mom's lap before school and I snuggle on her lap with her and I love her as much as I love you.

Hawaii is my quiet place. It is peaceful and important to my life.

My quiet place is my bedroom because it is cozy. It is quiet.
In the library because it is a good strategy and I like it. It is calm.

My quiet place is when the sun shines in the sky. When I lie on the picnic mat on a big green hill dreaming.
My quiet place is Yosemite Park because it is beautiful and nice.
My quiet place is my bed. When I snuggle up with Bridget and I fall asleep and dream.

Ms. Hughes

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