Saturday, September 6, 2014


I know it is a week into September but I am just getting back to using the office downstairs in our house. 

It was transformed into a bedroom for near on 3 months while our daughter's friend visited from Indiana. 

Now, with our daughter's friend gone back home, my hubby has started to organize and clean the space. Yay!

So, here's my Currently for the month....

So, going through the topics....

Listening....I live in a house where there is almost always noise going on. My hubby can't stand quiet. I like quiet. I savour it when I get it. I can hear the tv blaring upstairs but down here it is calm and peaceful.

Loving...I have had a list of things I want to do to this place since we moved in almost two years ago. Hubby is the love of my life but not exactly Mr. Handyman. I am thrilled that he has taken it upon himself to get going on some of the things on the list. He even made another list with his ideas!!! Since we are now empty nesters (yep, my good egg is 3,000 miles away at university) we are going to work together to make this the house WE want it to be for the two of us.

Thinking....well, this one is pretty self explanatory. We've been on strike since mid-June and there just doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Our teacher's federation has called for binding arbitration but it does not look like the government is going to go for it. Damn them! I just want to be in the classroom teaching. Oh, and being able to afford groceries would be nice, too!

Wanting....see above (sigh)

Needing....when I was away at university (many moons ago now) my best friend and I exchanged care packages. I loved them. And I loved getting real mail. So, I am going to be doing the same for my daughter. I've been buying goodies to put in them since she got accepted to university 9 months ago. Going to bake a batch of peanut butter cookies so I can mail some homemade goodness to her as well. 

3 Trips.... Australia....I have wanted to go there FOREVER. I lived there as a wee babe and have no memories of it but have been talking about going there since I was about six or so. One day I will take  a leave of absence from work and go on a walkabout. One day...

River trip...there is a company that does river cruises through the south of the USA. I want to take the one that goes through South Carolina and Georgia ending up at the beach our family has gone to for over 75 years. Maybe next time we plan a beach trip we'll get there via river cruise.

Scotland & Ireland....these are just two places I have always wanted to go. My family comes from there originally (think back about 300 years!) and there is just something magical about them, isn't there? From the green hills to the lyrical accents they just call to me.

So, there you go. That's where I "currently" am! Hope all is well in your world!




  1. Your care package sounds lovely! My niece is off to college this fall, perhaps I should send her one... Good luck with all the union stuff!

  2. Is the strike over!? We've never experienced that here in Indiana. Our government doesn't know how to leave the education system alone here also. As a matter of fact, the State Super is a voted position, and our governor (who is a total idiot) appointed a board that can over power her! UGH!!!

  3. I hope your strike is over soon! How frustrating!! :( Your daughter will love your care package!! I love my mom dearly, but she was not one to do that sort of thing (Maybe because she was close enough to take me grocery shopping, haha!). I always thought it would have been nice though.