Saturday, December 6, 2014


It is totally cray-cray that it is December already! 

Even crazier is that we have only had 50 days of school thus far because of the strike in September. The late start has made this year feel like it is flying by!!!!

I am linking up again with Farley for this month's Currently. 

listening... do you know Matt Hires? I found his music on youtube through this video from soul pancake.

and have subsequently bought both of his albums. Love!

loving...if you had asked me a year ago if I would ever enjoy reading a digital book, I would have said NO!!!! I love the feeling of paper in my hands, the slight cracking of the spine as I read further into the book, the ability to pick up the same book and reread it again. I love having books in my home and my classroom. So, colour me surprised that the thing I use my new iPad mini for the most is reading!!! I just go online to the public library and borrow a book to read. So easy! So simple! And I don't have to take off my pajama's to do it!

thinking...pretty self explanatory. I never write them until the weekend before they are due since I know that they will already be two weeks out of date by the time the parents get them AND a month out of date before we meet for conferences! A lot of things can change with a grade 1 or 2 in two weeks to a month!! So that gives me two days to churn them out. I know that they'll get done. But, just like exercising, it is the getting started that is the hardest part!

wanting...Only 10 days until I get to hug my baby girl again! Not that I am counting or anything....

needing...I don't know about you but when my shoes start to get old, my feet hurt. Really hurt! Yesterday's treadmill workout was painful in more ways than one. I will be taking a break from report cards later today to go and buy myself a new pair of runners so that I won't miss my workout tomorrow!

giving...this year I got the best present EVER from my class and their families. Check it out!

It is the cutest, sweetest advent calendar I have ever seen! Each student brought a toilet paper roll to our class parent and she created this! (Just by looking at this, you'll probably figure out that she is a pretty awesome class parent!!!) I'm so lucky to have her!

Each toilet paper roll has a sweet little note or card from the student plus a bag of tea. Apparently, there is a little something in the attic as well but I won't be opening that until Christmas Day! 

It is such a wonderful gift! And I love that I get to enjoy it every day until Christmas! The kids love to see me open the roll each day and read out the message. I love it! So, thank you, thank you, thank you to my wonderful class for this lovely gift!

Now, I think I have procrastinated enough. Off to write report cards now!!!



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  1. I LOVE reading on my iPad and phone something, like you, I never thought I would want to do because I LOVE the feel and smell (yeah, I am weird) of new (and well loved) booked.
    The gift from your students is amazing! What a lucky teacher you are!