Saturday, January 7, 2012

Health update and Christmas catch up

Well, being hit by a nasty stomach bug the first week back at school was certainly NOT one of my New Year's Resolutions!!! It hit me right before school ended on Thursday and I had to send one of the student's running for our principal. Thank heavens the principal was in her office! She came and took my class out for home time dismissal and then I headed home and to bed. I felt awful!!!!
I spent all day Friday sleeping, eating Saltines and drinking Gingerale (thank goodness for good ol' Gingerale!) Luckily, it seems to have been of the 24 hour variety and I am now feeling human again! I should be back at work and raring to go by Monday.

Given that I have energy again, I finally dug out my camera (which I haven't even looked at since Christmas) and downloaded the photos.  Most were before photos of the new house that I will post on my house blog when I get the chance to do some after shots. But I also found the one of the gifts I got from my Holly Bloggy Secret Santa that I had forgotten to download and post at Christmas time. So here is a little Christmas catch up a few weeks late! 

This past Christmas I participated in a teacher gift exchange that was created by Caitlin and Sarah. It was called the Holly Bloggy Christmas Gift Exchange and you can find all the link ups here for the participants. I got a lovely package in the mail all the way from Florida!

Thank you to my Holly Bloggy friend, Jessica! I love the notepad (in turquoise, my new favourite colour!), the book and the note cards. So nice to open on Christmas morning!

I forgot to take a photo of what I sent to my holly bloggy friend in Washington state. It had lots of pink in it since that is her favourite colour! I had fun doing this exchange and look forward to the one next Christmas!

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