Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Although I must admit that it never really feels right to say that. For me, the "new" year has started in September since I was 3 years old! January 1st just feels like two weeks into term 2 in my world!

I hope everyone has had a very restful and lovely holiday time. We managed to move house, set up for a party, put up (and take down)our Christmas tree, bake Christmas cookies, enjoy Christmas, have a dinner party and unpack (plus lots more!) in the last two weeks. Can you say busy?!?!

I am feeling fairly settled in to our new home and am ready to get back to the routine of teaching. It is always nice to have some time off to rest but I do get a lot more done when I am in some sort of routine. Must admit that I thrive on the organizing and planning of my time and get far more done when I am busiest than when I have all the time in the world. Crazy!

Thought I would share some great ideas I have found on pinterest lately. Am hoping to be able to fit some of these ideas into the weeks ahead!
snowman sequencing
Snowman sequencing found at

Groundhog Day activities
Groundhog day idea found at

 Tape 6 different MESSED UP sentences and glue them onto a tissue box.  The kids “roll” the box, read the sentence,  write it, and then revise it.  Great for a writing center!
Sentence writing practice found at

for sight words..
Sight word practice found at

Great for mapping skills.
Mapping ideas for grade 2 Social Studies found at

CD weaving..not sure how they did it but I like it!
CD weaving - very cool! Found at

Happy close-up snowman
Snowman art idea found at

1st grade kandinsky
Lesson on Kandinsky found at

I love this
Doubles rap for math - we need to learn this!!!! Found at

So many ideas and so little time! I will be happy if I get to do just some of these in the coming weeks. And I have a gazillion more ideas pinned on my pinterest boards. I love the internet for its ability to let people share ideas so easily. Between pinterest and my teaching boards I have a wealth of information at my fingertips!

Ms. Hughes

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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas! I was your Holly Bloggy secret Santa. Hope you enjoyed your gifts! Love the things you have pinned. I just blogged about winter pins as well!
    Rambling About Reading