Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ten Ways to Avoid Writing Report Cards

1. Take a nap

Wish it was taking a nap in a place like this but, no, I have to deal with my messy bedroom and a cat and dog vying for position on the bed. Still a nap is a nap!

2. Play with the kitten

I mean, awwww, who wouldn't want to play with all that sweetness wrapped up in a little furry, cuddly bundle?

3. Read a book
Heartwishes: An Edilean Novel

Just finished this one. It is one of a series that Jude Deveraux has written about a little town named Edilean and the people that live there. A simple, sweet, happy ever after kind of read.

4. Surf the web

kylie jackes.



I can never get enough of design blogs. The first two are new ones to me but the bottom one is a personal favourite. I long to create that house by the sea look in our apartment. Hmmm....maybe this summer?

5. Pin images onto Pinterest

My kind of bedroom!
source unknown


Pinned Image

6. Go on itunes and listen to the latest songs. Then buy a few!

7. Answer emails. This one is especially good because most of my emails are from Pinterest Logo letting me know that someone has repinned a pin of mine. This means checking out that person's board and, before I know it, hours have gone by!

8. Put together new itunes lists for my ipod. Again hours and hours of report card avoidance!

9. Take a bath

I am fortunate enough to have a clawfoot bathtub and all I can say is....pure heaven! Ours is white, not yellow, but we do have ruffled shower curtains like that. Only in a deep turquoisey colour. We have lived here for almost 6 months and I bathe every day. So far I have only used the shower twice! I love, love, love the tub!


10. Spend all day writing this post!

p.s. believe it or not but in and around all the avoidance tactics I used this weekend, I actually got all of my report cards written! Well, draft 1 at least. Tomorrow I will print them out and edit. I still find that I do better editing on a hard copy, you know? 

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  1. bahaha - oh man do I love Pinterest. I always find it funny reading what teachers really think on teacher blogs... they're some of my favourites. Growing up I didn't realize teachers have actual lives outside of the classroom ;)