Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WWR April 10

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This is something to remember as I pack up for my family's 11th move in 16 years. And the 14th move since meeting my husband 20 years ago. Didn't I just say a couple of years ago that we weren't going to do this anymore? Am I insane?!?!
Yes...for moving again. But, no, for this move.
We have scored one of the rare 3 bedroom units (there are only 4 like this) in our co-op so the move is not far - just four doors down - but, unfortunately, is still just as much work!
It just seems that with the school move and now a home move I have done nothing but pack and unpack all year long! And I still have boxes at school that need to be unpacked!!!! I know how I'll be spending my summer.
Ms. Hughes


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