Monday, February 17, 2014

One of the best parts of teaching is how open and loving the children are each day.

They want to share themselves, their ideas, their energy, everything with me.

I love this!


I don't love it so much when they share their germs with me, too!!!

This past Saturday, I succumbed (after not getting sick for over two weeks of watching students drop like flies for 2-3 days at a time!!!) to the bug going around the class. 


Can you say not fun?

Go on!

Say it!

I know you can!!!

So, I am just now getting to all the blog posts I usually write on Sunday mornings (whilst listening to my fave music!) and schedule for the week. (instead, I slept ALL of Sunday away with only occasional forays to the kitchen for crackers and ginger ale.) 

Back to the joyful (no germs allowed) part of all the sharing my lovelies do each day...

On Friday we had a lovely Valentine's Day in our community. Each teacher took a turn teaching an activity to the whole community (yep! You heard me right! Teaching to all 70+ kids at once!) and then students worked anywhere in the community with any friends they wanted. It was a great day all around! So calm, so fun and so filled with love!

My activity was (surprise! surprise!) an art one.

With a twist. 

Each child decorated a simple heart with lots of bright colours and designs. Easy peasy. Just good ol' fashioned colouring. 

Then, came the twist!...

they had to cut their heart into four pieces and share three pieces with three friends. 

In turn, they had to get three new pieces from three friends.

(I can't lie...this was a bit of a logistical nightmare for a few of them!) 

and eventually...

they ended up with a brand new heart made up of four pieces - one of theirs and three others from friends.

It makes a great visual statement but...more to the point... they were sharing their hearts.

Get it? 

"Sharing their hearts"?

Choosing three friends and sharing their heart with them?

Yep! This wasn't just an art lesson, it was a whole deep mushy-gushy lesson on friendship and being a part of each other's hearts.

I know. Sappy, right?

But I am so happy with how it turned out. And so pleased with the ease so many students had in sharing their hearts with anyone in the community. It was a lovely visual way to remind them that while we may be three separate divisions, we are all still one community.

And it is a community filled with lots of love!!!!!


Ms. Hughes

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