Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Currently...May!!!!

It is craaazy that it is already May!

The time is just flying by!!!

Here's my Currently for the month. I'm linking up with Farley again over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade

Gotta say that this is my fave linky party. Love filling in the Currently and love reading about other people in their Currently's. 

Aside: But, have to apologize for last month. I didn't check out as many as I was supposed to, so if you were before me or after me and I didn't get to to you, I am abjectly sorry. Life got crazy and I just didn't get to it. Sorry! a huge BBT fan and watch reruns ALL the time. Yet another one is playing in the background while I work on the computer.

loving...enough said.

thinking...I had a MAJOR attack on Monday with trouble breathing, coughing etc etc etc. Am now on inhalers and coughing less (sort of) and wanting it gone, gone, gone!

wanting...what a beautiful day today was! We had the door open, worked out on the patio, played lots of music from Frozen (don't tell anyone but I am kind of in love with the soundtrack!), did lots of art and fun activities (including a Bike Rodeo and Community Centres). I know not every day can be like this but, boy, do I wish they could be!!!! hubby has gone to Montreal on business and I am on my own with my mum for the next 8 days. If you follow any of my posts, you'll know my mum has Alzheimer's. I am not looking forward to the next 8 days without my hubby's shoulder to lean on but, I know, this too shall pass....

surprise...I don't get too many comments (boo hoo!) and don't have many followers (double boo hoo!) but I can always count on Mrs. Bartel to leave me a good word. Check her out!

Mrs. Bartel's School Family

And there's all she wrote! Another month of Currently done!




  1. Hi Olwyn
    Glad to have found your blog. I sure hope your allergies clear up. That's the worst feeling. My kids love frozen. It's always nice when everyone gets along and is relaxed. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Always read your blog, even if I don't comment ;-)
    Big hugs. I am always a text - or even a phone call! - away.
    Love, Shea

  3. Big Bang Theory is always on TV here in Australia! I hope you are feeling better soon and you have a good 8 days with your Mum. It's hard work, good luck.

    Teaching Maths with Meaning