Sunday, November 2, 2014


How did it get to be November already?!?! And why does every month's Currently post start with my amazement that another month has come and gone? LOL

I am linking up (as per usual) with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's edition of Currently.

listening... I don't talk about religion or spirituality much since I truly believe it is a personal subject. To each his own and all that. I am not a churchy person. Nor do I belong to any one religion. I am however someone who believes there is more to life than that which we can see with our eyes. To that end, I have a playlist of music that makes me feel closer to spirit. 33Miles is my latest find. Beautiful music. 

loving... I know, I know, I have a quiet house to myself a lot these days what with my good egg off in Toronto for university. But, to have a Sunday to myself is rare. Hubby is off at a poker tournament and I am enjoying being able to use the computer, listen to my music and drink my coffee by myself.

thinking... I am still feeling like a hamster running around in its wheel where work is concerned. I never really realized how vital the time I spend in my classroom every summer is to my sanity during the school year (it is so worth the hours of unpaid work I put in!!!!) What with starting the year with three weeks of being on strike coupled with not being able to clean and organize over the summer, I feel very discombobulated. I hate it. I am going to spend some of my time today planning out the next 6 weeks so that I can get ahead of my teaching (or, at least, feel like I am getting ahead!)

wanting... this one ties into everything really but is mostly about needing motivation to get back on track with my exercise. I was so good over the summer going to yoga or the gym every day pretty much. I just can't seem to get into the early morning exercise routine I had last year. And I know that I need to. I would feel less like a hamster if I was working out regularly. Which is ironic really, as I would literally be on a treadmill if I was exercising regularly!!!!! So, the goal this month is to workout (either the gym or yoga) at least three times a week.

needing... our dining room has become sewing central over the last couple of months. I have started my Christmas planning and need to get it cleaned up in order to enjoy meals etc in the coming weeks. I know it will only take an hour or so but I am very good at avoiding anything cleaning related!!!!


Elizabeth Is Missing

I haven't actually started this but it is next on my list. Just picked it up from the library. Heard it was good and the central character is dealing with memory issues like my mother. I'll let you know if it's any good! 

So, there you have November Currently. Now, head over to Farley's to check out what everyone else is currently doing...




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  2. Hey there, Olwyn! I found your blog through Farley's Currently link up! I find that I'm needing some motivation myself. I cleaned one bathroom and decided to sit back down and blog. Not as productive as I had planned, but more fun :)

    Third Grade & Lovin' It

  3. Hi Olwyn!

    Hope you were able to accomplish a lot today. I know I did. I loved having that extra hour. Does Canada do the time change, too?

    I know what you mean about the exercising. I really miss the days of having time to fit in a workout.

    Your book sounds interesting - I will check it out. I have friends that are dealing with parents' memory issues also.

    Have a good week,
    Learning in the Little Apple

  4. I LOVE having the house to myself! Soak it in!!! Have a great weekend!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers