Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Currently….September 2015!!!!


I have not posted here since last month's Currently. That's craaaaaazy!!!!!

I am really not sure where August went but I am happy to welcome September!

Once again I am linking up with Farley for her fun Currently Linky Party. (I don't know what I will do if she ever decides not to do these any more. I so look forward to them!)

Anywho, here goes September!

Listening….. to the sound of lights humming 

I am doing this month’s Currently at school because I killed our computer at home. It was an unintentional killing but it is dead all the same. 


Until the hard drive is returned to life or a new one is purchased I am computerless at home. Oh well…there are worst things to be!

So, I am at school in our teacher’s office typing away. It is veeeeery quiet. Well, except for the buzzing lights!

Loving… My hearing aids 

(hence the reason I can hear the buzzing lights!)

I’ve had them about a month now and I am hearing sounds I had totally forgotten about it. For the most part I am happy to hear better. When it is the baby crying in the apartment above ours, not so much!

The real test will be using them in a classroom full of kids!

Thinking… I’m ready to go home… 

I have been here at school every day this week. (And a whole lot of other days prior to that!!!!) 

Today I’ve been here for almost 5 hours. I am so done. My classroom is still a mess but I am out of here as soon as I finish this post!

Wanting…. my classroom set up to be finished!!!

See above! 

It will get done by Friday but I am pretty sure that there are a couple more looooong days ahead of me. Sigh….

Luckily, the sun has disappeared this week and rainy weather has arrived so I don’t feel like I am losing the last days of my sunny summer break!

Needing… to get up earlier every day… 

During the summer I stay up 1 or 2 a.m. late and sleep until 11 or so each day.

During the school year I have to be up at the disgusting hour of 5:30 in order to get in a workout before going to school. (Trust me working out after school does not work!)

And every year I say that I am going to start getting up earlier every day in the couple of weeks before school opens so that I won't be exhausted as my body clock adjusts.

And every year I don’t do it!!! 

Then I work the first few days on something ridunkulous like four hours sleep each night.

This year, I am doing it. Got up at 7:30 today. 

7:00 tomorrow!!!!

3 Goals...

Running… I have been running all summer at the gym and I want to keep it up. Don’t want to lose the momentum I have going!

House…I need to start making some decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of at home. In a month or so, we’ll be emptying out my mum’s house and I need room for some of the things I want to keep from there!

Cooking…I need to dig out my heart healthy cookbooks and start planning fall menus that are good for my hubby (and me!) I want his post-stroke health to keep getting better and good nutrition is a part of that!

And there you have it! I promise you’ll hear from me more now that school is starting (well, in 6 days, but who’s counting?!?!)

I am super excited about this coming school year and that I have a straight grade 1. So, so, so excited!!!! I can't wait to blog all about my lovely new class and all of our adventures in learning. Stay tuned!



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  1. Hearing aids are a great thing! My friend just got some and LOVES them. Good luck getting your classroom all finished up!