Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grade 1's on the Map

The grade 1's recently completed a Social Studies unit with Ms. O. They learned about their place in the world. They did this really cool project that came from pinterest (where else?) I told Ms. O. about pinterest about a month or so ago and am happy to say that another obsessed pinterest junkie has been born!

So, here is the inspiration:
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And here are a few of the amazing projects done by the grade 1's in my class...

And some close ups...

Aren't they awesome? They did such a good job! I especially love the skyscrapers with all the windows lit up on a moonlit night. And the one that put the mountains behind the city.

So, Social Studies is done for this school year. This was their last unit of study (for both grade 1's and 2's). For the rest of the year, we will be doing Science focusing on plants and insects. I, of course, have been scouring my files and pinterest for new ideas and inspirations. I found this cool idea for using file folders on Sunny Days in Second Grade to hold all the students' work. This one is for a project about rocks but you get the idea.

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They are called lapbooks and are a fun way to keep all of the students scientific studies in one place AND reuse some of my file folders (that way I won't have to pack them to move to the new school! Aren't I devious?) I have been planning out one for plants and will do a second one (maybe) for insects. Haven't gotten that far yet...The file folders I have been using for Fairy Tales have worked really well, too, so I may do something more like that for insects. I like that they have a pocket to keep the incomplete work. Maybe I could glue an envelope on the back of the file folder to hold unfinished work. This will require more brainpower than I have at 10:34 on a Sunday evening. So, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to bed I go!!!! 

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