Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful, relaxing, love filled day! I spent the day driving to Bellingham to look for a prom dress for my daughter. It was a fun time AND we found a dress. 5 malls, 30 stores and about 50 dresses before finding THE one. I bet you could hear my sigh of relief all the way from Bellis Fair!!!!

Plus, there were some fab sales on so I got a few things. I can hardly wait to wear them tomorrow. Especially my new shoes (which I actually got on Saturday during round 4 of the shopping drama that was looking for a prom dress!) from Toms. Love, love, love my new Toms!!!!

Ivory Grosgrain Women's Wedges 
picture from their website. Click the link above to go there!

I have to send out a huge, gigantic thank you to the scrapbooking mama from our class (you know who you are!!!) who came to help the kids make cards for their moms. And who personally made 23 boxes and the beautiful flowers to attach to them. Gift wrapping has never been so easy! I have been spoiled having this mom in my class this year. Thank you!

I hope that all of you Moms out there enjoyed your present the kids made in class. It took a very long time for some of them to accomplish the weaving. We are talking hours in some cases. We started 3 weeks early since I knew it was going to be a major fine motor skills work out for some of the students. Hopefully, you found a moment to sit back, brew the tea and rest it on your new coaster.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely Mother's Day item! It was very beautiful!!! Sophie will be very excited to see your new shoes. She still comes home to tell me what new shoes Mrs. Hughes had on! ;)