Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Faves

Okay, there were quite a few things this week that are contenders for my favourite five happenings in our class this week.

Here goes:

1. Math: We did our first math quilt this week. I found a great lesson plan with black line masters on Teachers pay Teachers (TpT) and we did the September quilt. It looks wonderful and was a very successful lesson. Most of the kids could do it independently once I showed them the basic cuts. Yeah!

2. Meet the Creature Teacher Night: I was thrilled to see so many parents come out to find out about our class and 1/2 community. I will be posting the overview on the blog asap. I am really looking forward to doing all sorts of wonderful activities with our class/community parents. We are so lucky at this school to have such awesome families!

3. Meals: I was pleasantly surprised by the sushi dinner provided to us by our administration on Meet the Teacher night. Some of us were here for 11 hours by the time the evening was done and being fed was a treat!

4. Terry Fox Run: The biggest plus for me was surviving it. Walking 6 blocks away from school so early in the school year is CRAZY!!! No grade 1 class is cohesive enough or (let's just say it) trained enough in expectations to do the trek without a fuss/problems/issues arising. Thank goodness for the mums who stayed to walk with us. I quite literally would not have tried to walk this class over there without them. You rock Moms!!!!

5. The new school: We got the official move in date for our new school!!!! Yippeeeeeee! Our last day of teaching in this building (barring unseen problems arising) will be Thursday, October 18. I can hardly wait to be in the new building and working with our whole community. It kind of feels like being on a different continent at the moment with us at opposite ends of the building and on different floors. 

And that's that for another week. Enjoy the weekend!!!

Ms. Hughes

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