Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reading Area Done!

I have spent so many hours this past week setting up my classroom that it really feels like vacation ended early. Yesterday was a 6.5 hour day in the classroom. Can we say exhausted?

The first area I got done was the reading/library area of the classroom. I have my guided reading table in this area plus a couple of comfy chairs. Check it out...


And after....

The two tables together form my guided reading area. I can open the tables up and sit in the middle if necessary. I have it set up so that from my seat here I have a clear sight line to all the other work tables in the classroom.

I have most of my books packed up to move to the new school. In the first cupboard are a few tubs with books by Robert Munsch, Franklin books, non-fiction titles etc. (see photo below) I had nothing to put in the second cupboard so decided to use it for my pillows. These used to live in the turtle shaped wading pool that kids sat in to read but the pool is gone now as my turtle theme will not be moving with me to the new school.

I grabbed the blue chair from another teacher who was leaving the school. It is in good condition AND is a recliner! Score!!!!

These are my personal collection of levelled books plus some chapter books for those early readers. This will be what most of the students use for reading until we get into the new school in October. You can see some of the packing boxes on the left. I tried to dress them up with a poster but they still look like packing boxes to me!!!

My professional resources and guided reading supplies. The cupboard is very bare as most of my things are packed and ready to move. I just kept out the essentials to get going for the first 6 weeks or so of school before the big move.
The rest of the room is also done. I am as ready as I can be for Tuesday morning and a new bunch of students. I will post pictures of the rest of the room next week. I was so darn tired by the end of yesterday that I forgot to take photos. Not to mention, the custodian was literally shutting off the lights and kicking me out while I was still trying to finish off things!
Now I am off to enjoy my last few days of vacation. See you soon!

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