Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get ready for a long post!!!!!

Well, we are two days into the week with our official class. I have grade 1's ( I love, love, love grade 1!!!!) and so far, so good. I am sure that we are still in the honeymoon period but I am hopeful it will last for awhile. They are really a lovely group of kids and I think that we will have a lot of fun together this year.

I was thinking to myself, "If I was a parent in my class, what would I want me to know?"  What would be information that needed to get out and could not wait until Meet The Creature Teacher Night?

So, here is the list of Can't Waits...

1. Send a pencil case to school with your child ASAP!!!!! They will each have a box of crayons, scissors, glue stick and pencil to keep in their case so make sure it is big enough to hold all of those things. Here are a couple that have already come in. You can see how roomy they are and how easy it is for the students to get at their supplies.

2. We started our Spelling Program this week and more info will come on the parent evening but the gist of it is that your child gets 5 words a week (for now). They write these in their planners on Monday. They work in class on the words all week and then have a review on Friday. At home, you can have them practice the words by spelling them out loud, writing them down each day, finding the words in their reading, spelling the words with Alphabits (did you know that one bowl gives you 50% of your daily requirements of Vitamin B6? Me neither!!!!!), or whatever works for you.

3. Running shoes need to be worn to school EVERY day. We will be outside, in the gym etc. and students need to be safe during physical activity.

4. Send extra snack/lunch. Two days in a row I have had students who ate all their lunch at recess!!!! These young learners are Hungry with a capital H! Please send enough for lunch and TWO recess snacks. That way there is a little extra. Many afternoons we have a chance to eat another snack and, trust me, a lot of them are hungry again by 2:30.

5. Circle September 19 on your calendar. Make plans to come to Meet the Teacher night to find out more information about how things work in our classroom and in our larger grade 1/2 community.

And, last but definitely not least...

6) Become a follower of this blog or sign up to receive blog posts by email so that you never, ever, ever miss any of the great stuff we are doing in our community! For example, check out a couple of the fun things that the students have been doing during centre time so far.


p.s. If you are looking through the blog, please be aware that I need to update the A,B,C's page so the information may not be current. I will let you know when it is done (probably this weekend as there don't seem to be enough hours in the day right now on school days!)

Have a good one!

Ms. Hughes

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