Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gallery Walk Part 1

Last week we went on a fabulous field trip to the local art gallery. I bet you never thought you would hear the words fabulous and field trip together from me ever, did you?

We saw the Emily Carr/Landon Mackenzie exhibit and did a great workshop where the students had to do very abstract art in the style of Landon Mackenzie. For some this was easy peasy lemon squeezy but for others thinking abstractly was very difficult. 

I have been meaning to post these photos all week and today is the day. You could say that this overdue post is in lieu of working on report cards (which is what I probably should be doing!!!!). 

"I named my painting Randoming because the painting is really, really random and I really like random stuff."

Diamond Sun
"I named my painting Diamond Sun because I love the sun and the diamonds."

The Black Sun
"It has some lava and has some weather and a black sun. I have some diamonds and some rain."
D. Z. 

Mommy's First Painting
"I named it Mommy's First Painting because my mommy does not know how to paint."
J. H.

Northern Lights
"I called mine Northern Lights because I like the Northern Lights."
T. B.

"I named this painting Confusion because I was confused when I made it."
L. W.

"I called this Sunrays because it has sun rays."
J. G.

The Storm
"I couldn't sit still. My fingers were all over the page. I love the colour purple! Full of fun energy!"
Y. Z.

"I named my painting Shapes because I love shapes."
Y. Z.

Under The Sidewalk
"I named my painting Under The Sidewalk because my painting reminds me about under the sidewalk. When you go under the sidewalk it is small and dark."
J. C.

Stay tuned...there will be more to come later in the week!



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