Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It is that time again. I'm linking up with Farley for this month's Currently. Go on over to check out what everyone else is currently up to!

Listening...I know that I should drink less coffee. Not so much for the amount of caffeine I consume daily but more for the amount of cream in each cup! I am willing to give up a lot of things but, thus far, cream (lots of it!!!) in my coffee isn't one of them!!!!

Loving....I had a craving for kale chips on New Year's Eve and went to buy 4 huge bunches. I also picked up some pink Himalayan rock salt. The two together with a bit of olive oil = yum, yum, yum! Our daughter wants the family to try being completely vegetarian/ vegan so I expect that kale chips are just the beginning of my culinary adventures in 2013!!!!

Thinking...that I wish I wasn't a night owl. Within two days of being on holiday, I was staying up past midnight and sleeping in past ten each morning. Sigh...In just a few more sleeps it will be back to going to bed at nine and up at 5:30. That is just soooo wrong!!!!!

Wanting...more vacation! It always seems to take a week (or two!!!) to come down from the stress of work and really start to enjoy my vacation. Of course, that is when I find myself heading back to work because vacation is over!!!

Needing... (but not wanting) to go in to school and set up for Monday. I have a new student starting and not even a notebook ready for her! So, I'll give up a few hours of vacation to go in and make sure that everything is ready to go Monday morning. It is a pain to do but preferable to walking in Monday morning and being all stressed out trying to get it all done quickly.

OLW or One Little Word...this is something that Ali Edwards does each year on her blog. Last year my word was cultivate. I worked with the word a lot for the first 8 months or so (even made a book to go with it and track my progress) before it fell by the wayside with school starting in September. No wonder with everything that has happened at school these past four months! I was lucky to cultivate my sanity what with the move and all!!!!!

This year my word is start. I am not sure what it will mean for me but it is the word that immediately came to my mind when I started thinking about OLW. On the bright side...if it falls by the wayside at any point, I can always just pick it up and start again! Geez, why didn't I think of having such a good word before?!?! I will have to wait and see what this word brings to me this year but I am open to anything it brings me.

So, what are you doing currently?


  1. Hi,
    Found you through Farley's Currently link up. Have to tell you that coffee creamer is my weakness as well. It is well worth the weight watchers points to me.
    Loving your blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Leading and Reading

  2. Also found your blog through Farley's Currently post. Coffee is also my weakness! I agree with Stacy about the WW point. I've just started WW...need to drop a few pounds soon!

    Love your blog. I'm also a new follower. Would love to have you as a follower, too.

    Krazy for Kindergarten @

  3. I tried kale chips once. Didn't like it, but I think I needed a different recipe...

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family