Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday. Did you stay up late to ring in the New Year last night? I did but only because I was watching a movie. I had the house to myself and took the opportunity to watch old movies I haven't seen in a long time. And since I don't really consider January to be the start of my "year" I don't pay it much attention.
In my head (and my heart) the year starts when school starts after Labour Day. The new year is about notebooks, lesson plans, and new students. It is about staff meetings, organizing, and not being able to sleep in anymore! The year has started in September for me for close on 40 years. And I expect it to start in September for a good 20 years more!
Of course, the really weird thing is that my year is only ten months long. It "ends" in June and then there are these two months that just kind of float there. Two months of sleeping in and reading lots and lots of books. And two months of thinking about school, planning for school, getting ready for school...well, you get the idea!
As for resolutions...I don't make them. I really do think that they are pretty much what the cartoon says. I just intend to keep on keeping on, working on the activities I started before the "New Year" arrived today and, just generally, doing the best I can each day.
How about you? 

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