Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

This past week was a very, very long one.

I have never quite figured it out but short weeks always seem twice as long as regular weeks.


You would think that they would fly by.

I mean, they are only 4 days long.

But, no.

Sadly not.

Picture lots of excess energy. Boys jumping on each other (regardless of being told not to). Girls crying. Friendship issues. Computer issues. 3 meetings (I hate, hate, hate meetings!!!! Especially when they are during class time and I have to be away from my class.) And, me, feeling sad all week because (for some unknown reason) I kept thinking of my dad and how much I wish he was still around so I could talk to him.

So, all in all, a week I am happy to forget.

Not much more that I can say about the week (except how glad I was when it ended) but I do want to share a couple of things.

We opened our Arts & Crafts centre this week and look what a few of the girls created on Friday!

How cute is that! A wee little house for the wee little raccoon! I love how kids can look at a pile of what adults would consider garbage or clutter and create such awesome things. Now I just wish that they would learn to clean up all the bits and bobs when they are done!!!!

And, I can't log off without sharing this wonderful Friday letter with you. It gave me the best laugh I had all week.

Just a little background...our new school has toilets and no urinals. Apparently some boys are having trouble aiming and, as a result, are making a big mess in the bathrooms. (Funny. I bet they know how to aim in their home toilets. Or, maybe not?) We had a school assembly regarding school rules etc and the boys had to stay behind to have a special "boys only" bathroom etiquette assembly with our male VP. Of course, kids being kids, the girls quickly found out what the "boys only" assembly was about. And this is what one of mine had to say about it to her parents yesterday!

Dear Mom and Dad, This week the boys learned how to pee at school!! I'm guessing because they don't know how. I hope you had fun at work. Love, ______

OMG! Too cute for words. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that house on Friday night when her parents read the Friday Letter!
I am working on a post about writing expectations for this time of year. Believe it or not, I am only about 4 weeks away from starting report cards again! (Didn't I just do those?!?!?) So, stay tuned for some writing samples and info on grade 1 writing!
Ms. Hughes

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