Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Walk in the Sunshine

Progress on the sick front!

I had to walk the dog today and went for a 20 minute walk (thank goodness it wasn't raining!) and came home still feeling human. Yay!!!!

Prior to today, if I tried to do anything (like walk the dog) I came home and needed to take a nap. So...progress!!!!

And, as it is such a beautiful, sunny day, I couldn't help but snap a few pics. This is my very favourite time of year. Trees in rich colours, a nip in the air and the sun shining. (It's not my favourite time of the year so much when it is raining!!!)


And my wonderful hubby cut A LOT of wood while I was home sick. This is just the tip of the wood pile! We have a working fireplace for the first time EVER and it is already getting quite a work out. I am loving it!

I am actually feeling like doing something other than sleeping! Maybe some school planning?!?! It feels like I have been away forever!!!! 

Looking forward to seeing all my lovelies tomorrow, giving (and getting) lots of hugs and feeling that sense of place I get in my classroom. Everyone should love their job as much as I do. Being sick and forced to stay away from work only makes me that much more grateful for all that I have in my job. I am truly blessed!


Ms. Hughes

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