Sunday, May 3, 2015


It's that time again! I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's Currently...

listening...I went a little nuts on iTunes the other night. Bought a bunch of new songs (including a few of Meghan Trainor's) but my fave purchase is the new album from The Script (one of my favourite, favourite bands ever!!!). I am loving their song called "It's Not Right For You" all about going after what you love in your life. Great song!

loving...I have been to four church rummage sales in the last two weeks! And found great stuff. I must admit that I mostly bought for my classroom (board games, writing paper and more) but I did find a few things for home. I love this time of year when there are rummage sales and the garage sales start up again. I love thrifting and hunting for treasures!

thinking...we had a death in my husband's family this weekend and it has just brought forth to me, yet again, how important it is to show my husband and daughter how important they are to me. This life is uncertain and I don't want to ever let a day go by without them knowing how much they mean to me. 

wanting...this one goes with the rummage sales above! As I bring more stuff home, I need to start sending some stuff out!!!! Luckily, my neighbour wants to do a yard sale this month so I'm going to start culling soon.

needing...I haven't been eating right, sleeping enough or working out lately. And I can tell in my moods both at work and at school. If I am going to be at my best in all areas of my life then I need to make myself a priority and take care of me. I know I have said this before. It is an ongoing theme in my life. Ironically, I wrote the same exact thing for my needing in April. Clearly, I didn't follow through very well...Maybe this month I'll get it together and do better at taking care of me. Fingers crossed!!!! 

yes...Well, we are putting my mother into care this June. She doesn't really know (we tell her but, of course, with her Alzheimer's, she forgets) and it is not going to be pretty. I expect I'll spend much of the summer emptying out her house and getting it ready for sale.
hope...I keep having ideas for clothing I'd like to make but never have the time. Hopefully, this summer I can get in some serious sewing.
dream...I really, really want to go away with my hubby for a long weekend at least. It is unlikely that we'll manage it this summer but I'm not giving up on the dream!

And, there you go! Another Currently completed!



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