Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Scoop May 24, 2015

Hey everyone!

 I am linking up today with Teaching Trio for their weekly Sunday Scoop. It has been forever since I wrote (sorry, about that but I do have a good reason this time!)

Here goes!

Most of the above is pretty self-explanatory. And a lot of the things are things I didn't get done or stopped doing this month when my husband had a stroke. Yep, a stroke. At the age of 47. Let me tell you, May was a scary, worrisome time for me and I am very glad that it is going, going, gone!

My life has gotten a bit out of whack as a result of being away from work for a week when the stroke first happened and then just not having my head in the game since I went back to work two weeks ago. But, I am happy to say, life is settling into our new normal and I am more than ready to get my head back on straight! 

So, there will be more posts, more often (I promise!) in the coming weeks. Only 24 teaching days left! Wowzer! Where has this year gone? There is still so much to get done and the time is ticking away faster than I want. I know I probably won't get everything done that I want to but I am going to give it my very best try!




  1. Oh man! Sounds like you've been through the wringer the last couple weeks! I hope things straighten out for you now! All the best with those last 24 days!

    Learning to be awesome

  2. Sending you strength and love! I've got a little herb garden on my porch too. It gives me a little piece of happiness to see the plants grow. Celebrate the small things - bless you and your family.