Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have discovered the best way to keep lesson plans. For years I would draw out a weekly schedule and then painstakingly print in each activity. There were inevitably changes on a weekly basis for the first few months and white out was my best friend!

Then I started creating my weekly plans on my computer. Much easier but still needed lots of cutting and pasting as I had to change columns etc as the weeks went on. And another big negative was that my plans were saved on my computer at school and could only be accessed by me with my user name and password. This was really difficult on days when I was away as my sub couldn't access my weekly plans. I would have to get up (no matter how ill I was) and create an email to send in to my secretary with the plans. A major inconvenience and not always easy to do when I was sick!!!!

This year I have discover planbookedu and have been using it. I love, love, love it!!! First of all, I can easily access it at home or school. Secondly, it lets me attach files and links right to the lesson plans. Third, it is so easy!!!  Check out a sample of an upcoming week in October here. And have I mentioned how much I like being able to colour code? I live to colour code and organize!!!

If you have been thinking about entering the world of technology with your planning then this is the site to start with. You will not regret it!

Ms. Hughes

p.s. I need to just add that I am not in any way connected to planbookedu. I just am a very happy camper with the $25 I spent to create my plans for this school year!

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