Thursday, October 13, 2011

Social Studies was a blast today!

So, I was talking the other day about having to change up my lessons on Canadian symbols because I am teaching it earlier in the year than usual. The group of grade 1's is not quite ready for the lessons I usually teach. Today we were learning about totem poles. I came up with a new lesson and it was a BIG hit with all of the grade 1's.

First, we watched these two youtube videos.

Then we talked about what we noticed about totem poles in the videos. We talked about colour and shape. They were very observant!

Our last activity was to choose from a variety of eyes, noses, mouths etc and create our own totems. Some were so into it that they made two!!!! We didn't get them all finished so we will finish them up tomorrow. I will post some pictures then. It was my favourite lesson on Canadian symbols yet!

Ms. Hughes

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