Monday, December 10, 2012

Going, Going, Gone!!!

This afternoon my admin came to my room and told me she would cover my class if I wanted to go watch them tear down my old room. So, off I went!

See the arrow? That is pointing at my old room. Both windows on the left hand side were once my classroom.

And with one GIANT bite my ceiling disappeared!

A few more bites and half of my old classroom was gone, gone, gone.

I didn't expect to feel as sad as I did watching it come down. Some of my fondest memories happened in that room.
I loved being there.
It was my happy place.
I miss it more than I anticipated.
But, I know, that, given time, the new building will be a place that holds just as many fond memories for me.
It is my happy place in the making!
Ms. Hughes

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