Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting Crafty...

I have been running a weekly Craft Club at my school since this past Fall. The PAC gave me a bit of money to get it started but that is long since spent. Had a pretty strong feeling that $100 wasn't going to take us far and it didn't. Not when I have upwards of 20 kids each week wanting to make the different crafts!!!

So, now I've had to get creative. What can we make with things I already own or that can be easily found within the school? I've delved into some of our community supplies and we've been sewing Spring birds. These have been a big hit! This group really likes anything that has to do with sewing (which is my first love when it comes to crafting, too!) 

The kids have been working on these for a couple of lunch hours and are just now starting to finish some. Thought I'd share a few here. 

I am going to try to keep the club going best I can what with having already spent the funds for this school year. I might need to do a parent appeal for supplies or something. I'll have to see how it goes after Spring Break.

I just know that for the kids who come regularly it is something they really enjoy. And for a few of those kids, it is something that they NEED. Some of them don't have tons of friends or activities to keep them busy over long lunch hours and the craft club gives them a safe place to come. So, fingers crossed that I can keep coming up with ideas and supplies!!!!

Happy Crafting!


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