Monday, March 10, 2014

Somehow last week just slipped right by me....

It was a bit of a weird week because I spent more of it at my own house than at my mother's. I had a bit of a cold going on and didn't want to make her sick so spent the last 5 nights at home. It was soooo weird! I actually woke up on Thursday with absolutely no clue where I was! It was the most discombobulating feeling!

Anywho, thought I'd share something not mother or school related today.

Amazing, right?

I have taken my sewing machine over to my mother's with the hope of being able to use sewing to fill some of the hours up there.(I'd love to say that every hour is filled with the joy that is living at my mother's but, alas, I can not. She really isn't much into talking these days and there are only so many game shows I can watch without wanting to scream in agony!!!!)

So, I started a quilt that is made up entirely of old fabrics and sheets that I have been hoarding or that I found in my mother's linen closet. I know, I know, I shouldn't have just helped myself to her linens but she doesn't remember that she owned that old white sheet with the holes in it much less care about it!!!

I am making my take on a modern quilt to go on our bed. It helps a little (or maybe not!) to know that I love white interiors. My ideal house has lots of white. White furniture, white walls, white linens, white, white, white. With pops of colour coming from the art or the odd painted piece of furniture. Weird, I know, since I never wear white but I do so loooooove it in a room. 

So, I've cut different width strips of fabrics that are all in the white or off white family and sewn them together. Then I got my mum and daughter to help me brainstorm words that are important in life. Words that convey what we all want: family, love, laughter, patience, cheer, happiness. You get the idea! And then, I got out my red thread and started free sewing the words on to the strips. I am loving how it is turning out!

Can't wait to see it all done and on our bed!



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