Sunday, March 16, 2014

Letter To A Person Younger Than Me

On Friday we watched this video from Kid President...

Then each of my lovelies had to write five things that they thought a person that is younger than them needs to know about this world. 

Here are some of their ideas....

…school is where you learn things

…treats are really yummy

…you will like when you get a big boy bed

…when you walk, you fall off and you cry but you need to stand back up

…you get cake on your birthday

…sometimes you have a good time and sometimes you don’t

…never be hard on yourself

…always be healthy

…sometimes when you fall you will cry. Sometimes you won’t

…sometimes there are 2 rainbows, sometimes there aren’t

…when you ride your bike, you need to wear a helmet

…when you’re not happy try to be happy

…when you’re sick get lots of rest

…the world can be scary

…pedal when you ride a bike

….stir the ice cream when you eat it

…don’t give up

…you can make new friends, just ask

…if someone is bullied, stand up

…sometimes you can control yourself

…meeting other people is okay even if they don’t smile

…don’t ever forget to use your manners

…always be kind even if someone does something wrong

…don’t judge someone by their look because we all have a loving heart

…don’t give up, stand up and work harder

…take turns

…be a good sport

…do not be a bully

…do not eat Rice Krispies until you are 3

…sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t

…if you fall down, pick yourself up

…try your best

…be awesome

…do work

…some people don’t smile but they are still friendly

…sometimes the night is scary but it is okay

…always share

…be brave

…never hit your Dad

…learn not to cry for nothing

…learn to not touch other people’s stuff without asking

…learn to not bite others

…sometimes you just get nothing

.…some days you are feeling bad but remember tomorrow is another day

Do I have a wise bunch of lovelies or what?!?!

I especially loved the letters that were written with a certain young person in mind. One or two lovelies wrote to younger siblings. Others to younger cousins. Gave me a picture of things that the younger sibling or cousin does (like bite!) But, really, all of the letters were really sweet and some just made my heart ache they were so filled with good advice. Sigh...

I forgot to send the Gratitude Journals home but this gives an idea of our last entry. Think we'll be taking a bit of a break from them in third term (can you believe it will be third term after Spring Break? Only 12 weeks of school left!!! CRAZY!!!!!) and do some literature responses instead.

Hope it isn't raining on your Sunday!


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