Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to get through a day when you are exhausted...

the answer? choosing time!!!! my class so far is awesome. i have 9 grade 1's and 12 grade 2's. they work and play together so well. i am crossing my fingers that this is not just a honeymoon period and that it will last. i may cross my toes and eyes, too!

at this time of year my main goal is to have students really enjoy being at school and in our classroom. i want them to slowly build stamina to work for longer periods of time. to that end, we are spending our days doing a seatwork type job followed by a short choosing time. i repeated this three times today. the activities were not difficult but they allowed me to go over expectations for scissor and glue use. we also learned how to put pages into our duotangs. we did one of our September poems. it comes from one of the old readers i found in the cupboard years ago! the class had to read the poem and add the pictures to their page.

to get a copy of the poem and the pictures to cut out and glue on click here.

Ms. Hughes

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