Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today for math we sorted our library books. I want the class to take ownership of the classroom books and plan how they will be organized and stored. So, in groups of 2 or 3, the students first sorted by fiction and non-fiction. Then they narrowed it down further into sub-categories. At one point in the morning our carpet area looked like this!
They came up with most of the categories I expected but a few I didn't. We had the basic fairy tales, abc's, animals, insects but also ended up with categories like things that swim and imaginary animal stories. It was organized chaos for awhile but I am glad that I did it this way this year. Usually I organize the books how I want them and then teach the students how to use the tubs properly. This way the students are so much more invested in keeping the tubs neat and tidy! The funny thing was that the kids didn't even realize that they were using a math skill to organize the books. They just though it was fun!

The class had gym today with Ms. O. She will be teaching them gym twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays) while I take her class for Computers and Healthy Living. It is a win-win for me!!!! She came to see me after school and told me how great they did. From listening to lining up the whole class made good choices while working with her. Right on!

And we had the best time at choosing this afternoon. Everyone got along (yay!), there was a ton of imaginative energy flowing everywhere and, most important of all, we learned while having fun!!!!! I had the kids at the art table brainstorm with me items that we would like to have in the centre. We got a great list started. I think number one on their list is markers. I wish I had a budget that allowed me to keep 22 students in markers all year long but I just don't. Markers have a short life between being used A LOT and having lids left off. If I could invent a never dry marker I would be a gazillionaire!!!!

Ms. Hughes

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