Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's In My Bag?

Blog surfing through my saved teacher's blogs and websites I came upon this fun linky party and thought I would join in!

Well, I do love bags. Not as much as I love shoes but, still, I have way too many of them! That said, most of them are not practical for school. They are mostly cute purses that I use once in a blue moon. Last year, when we lived a mere four blocks from my school, I would use a simple over the shoulder bag that I whipped up. It carried lunch, my keys and little else.

This year, having moved a good 20 blocks from school, I have been using my good egg's (otherwise known as my teenaged daughter) old backpack. It is big, roomy and pretty.
One thing it isn't....waterproof. I discovered this the other day during a long, wet walk to school in a torrential downpour. Everything was soggy!

So, what's in my bag? Well, I have a rule about bringing work home. I don't. Unless absolutely necessary. Not that I don't do school related work at home but I don't carry marking back and forth etc. I have some professional books that I use at home, I plan on the computer and use my flash drive but that is it. No papers come home. No marking. Nothing.

My bag has the basics I need going back and forth every day.

my lunchbag

my Vera Bradley umbrella

my traveling medicine kit
(which includes Tylenol, allergy meds and Benadryl cream for skin reactions to allergies) Isn't it cute? I bought it at a fair a couple of years ago.

 my little green notebook
(it fits in the palm of my hand, has a spot for a pen, a notepad that has a great cover and makes me smile when I see it and slots for credit cards that I use for reciepts. I love having it on hand to jot down the title of a book or an address or whatever.)

my daughter's old ipod
(I love, love, love listening to my favourite tunes during my walks to and from work)

and the other stuff that fills the small front pocket
(keys, bus tickets, gum, tic tacs, kleenex, cheque book, hair clip, assorted receipts that didn't get tuck into my green book and the cute as anything little Vera Bradley black and white change purse that was a gift to my daughter that she didn't use)

So, there's my bag. Not a lot in it but the basics. Now if I could only find a way to waterproof it! I expect that I will have to invest in something else pretty soon because in the Pacific Northwest the words Fall and Autumn are synonymous with rain, rain and more rain. I will be heading to MEC to see if there is anything there that will withstand the weather and also meet my fashion requirements! LOL

Ms. Hughes


  1. Just wanted to stop by and see what's in your bag. I was late to the party too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The backpack is super cute, too bag it's not waterproof! Your lunch bag is VERY cute! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag My bag is not waterproof, but you might look into the zipper/insulated bags from Thirty-One... they are lined on the inside and I am sure that would be much more protective than the backpack.

  3. Ok, back and not stalking you... just did some research on the waterproof Thirty-One bags. The Picnic Thermal, Market Thermal, and Small and Large Thermal Containers are water resistant, not waterproof. The water-resistant lining is intended to repel or slow the penetration of water – not to hold water. I am sure it would do an excellent job of keeping water OUT of the inside! Visit my Thirty-One website to check these bags out. I am a new consultant and am closing my first debut party on the 9th :)