Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Boxes Have Arrived!!!!

Earlier this week, we chose and filled our Book Boxes for the start of our reading life in Division 13.

Now, I haven't yet had the opportunity to test all the students for their "just right level" for reading but that isn't going to stop us from looking at and reading books!

Students got to choose a book box (I found some really nice ones at Dollorama for a great price! Gotta love Dollorama!), decorated their name label and then chose 5 books to read/look at during reading time.

Tomorrow we start Read to Self using the Daily 5 training techniques. It will be long, tedious work but totally worth it in the end when students are working independently and I can work with small groups and one-to-one on reading.

Happy Reading!!!!
Ms. Hughes
p.s. The class got to 3 minutes of quiet read to self today! Yay!!!! The first time we only got to 45 seconds before someone was off task but the second time (after another review of expectations) we made it to 3 and could have probably kept going (I wanted to stop with success!) The goal? 20 minutes of independent reading by Day 18. Fingers crossed!!!!

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