Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 A few plastic boxes plus some foam glued...
to the top of a piece of wood that one of the Dads cut out for me last year (with pieces glued to the bottom of it to hold it in place in the plastic box) plus...
 some fabric from IKEA found at the Sally Anne for a great price equals...
A set of new storage stools for the classroom!
Would give you the pattern if I could but I did each one individually just eyeballing how much fabric to cut and then sewing it to fit. They are even lined so that dust and dirt from the floor won't get on what I store inside them. Go me!!! I am currently using the five blue ones (like the one above) as seats at my Teaching Table and storing my word work and guided reading things in them for easy access.
I also made two with ABC fabric for the Writing Centre. They will be revealed soon.
And...I just snagged about 12 more boxes to make more storage stools. Now I just need a parent willing to cut and make the tops for me, some more foam, some fabric and a few days off to sew!!!!
Ms. Hughes

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