Monday, September 30, 2013

First Nations Art

Hello friends!

We created Haida art to acknowledge the Truth and Reconciliation talks that took place here in town earlier in the month. We did not talk about residential schools as our students are so young. We did, however, talk about the First Nations peoples and acknowledge their being on this land first. 

Then our K/1 teacher read a beautiful story that showed a picture of an animal on one page with a Haida interpretation of that same animal on the next page. It was fab! And clearly the students were paying some attention (it was hard to know if any of them were really listening in a group of 90 grade 1 and 2's!!!!) because their art turned out so wonderfully! 

The students were given a piece of paper with an ovoid drawn on it. They could choose either side of the paper to use to create an animal (the ovoid on one side was larger) in the Haida style. 

Check them out!

Aren't they great? These are just the first 10 I got hung up. There are more on the walls now. I was so impressed with some of them. There are a few real monkeys in my group who never sit still, never seem to be listening and who talk seemingly all the time and I really wasn't sure what they would produce but they did awesome!

Like the beaver in the second row on the right. Never would I have dreamed that this particular student would get so many details in his drawing! He never seems to be paying attention in class and I was so pleased to have him prove me wrong! I love the teeth and the log in its mouth and the colours and, well, and everything! (And, yes, I am aware that I just wrote a sentence using and too many times!!!!)

Ms. Hughes

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