Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cooking in Division 13

Two posts in one day.

It is a miracle!

So, this week the Fruit & Veg program delivered blueberries. Yum! They inevitably send more than a group of grade 1/2's can eat. So...we decided to bake!

Luckily this year we have an awesome support worker who was a pastry chef in her previous life. She has agreed to cook or bake with the class every couple of weeks. I am thrilled!

I am capable in the kitchen but no one would ever say that it is my favourite place to be. (Though I can just bear it if I have the CBC playing As It Happens and a glass of wine to drink while I cook!)

So today, this...
turned into this...

Tomorrow we will write out the recipe and add our first recipe to our class cookbook. Stay tuned for more great cooking coming your way!

Ms. Hughes

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