Monday, March 2, 2015


Hey everyone! I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's Currently.

Here goes!

listening...I have recently discovered the a cappella group, Home Free. Apparently they were the winners on some tv show called The Sing Off (that I have never heard of!) Anywho, I love them! My favourite song is a tie between Any Way the Wind Blows and Everything Will Be Okay. Check them out... make it even better...they are coming here to my hometown!!! This month!!!! hubby got us VIP tickets! Woot! Woot! was just a really, really great weekend. Enough sleep. Enough time to read. Some art time with my friend, Carol. A show with singing/dancing/acting starring my friend's daughter and a bunch of kids from my school. BBC on the tv. Time to blog. Time with hubby. Just a great weekend overall. has gotten a bit crisp out there again. I think that old adage about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is going to hold true this year. But, I am soooo ready to pull out my clothing tubs and pull out my Spring clothes. Which, of course, means putting away the winter stuff. Yay! I love doing this each year because I always forget what I own and unpacking the tubs is kind of like shopping without spending any money or leaving the house! I am going to wait until Spring Break and then all bets are off. I am unpacking!!!!

wanting...I got a text from my good egg today telling me that she has been throwing up and is running a fever. This is the WORST part of her being at university 3,000 kilometres away from home! I just want to be there to make her some tea and take care of her. I remember being sick when I was on my own at uni and it sucked...BIGTIME! 

needing...I don't want to have to do much school work over my Spring Break, so I need to finish the Seasons unit I have been working on to teach the grade 1's. And, I need to think about math as well. Plus, art and writing and.... Well, you get the idea. Since I have had a student teacher for 6 weeks, I am further ahead than I normally would be but I still would like as much done before the break as possible.

Spring Break plans...well, reading, of course. And sleeping in. I think those pretty much go without saying!!! I want to spend some time working on our place - cleaning out cupboards, getting rid of clutter etc. And I'd like to put some time into cleaning up my good egg's room. Since she's been at uni, it has become a bit of a dumping zone. (Sorry kiddo!) Some yoga, swimming and gym visits are on the agenda, too. Hubby and I will probably spend some time thrift store surfing (one of our most favourite things to do and a serious contributor to the clutter!) and, of course, I'll be going to hear Home Free in person!!!! Our 19th wedding anniversary is also over the Spring Break so I think we'll go out for dinner or something. It's all going to be pretty low key. No big plans at all. 

So, there you go. Another Currently completed. Now head on over to Farley's and see what everyone else is up to!



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  1. I love HOME FREE too! I saw their version of "Ring of Fire" on my Facebook feed and was hooked! I bet their concert will be awesome!

    I need to get out my spring clothes too, just to add a pop of happy color to our grey March days so far. I am hoping that the sun is going to shine here this week!

    Sending prayers and best wishes that your daughter feels better soon!

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