Monday, March 16, 2015

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Chapter 5

I am linking up with Michelle over at  Fabulous in First for Chapter 5 of the book study on Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia L. Tate. 

The strategy discussed in this chapter is on using graphic organizers,semantic maps and word webs with students. To be honest, this chapter is one where I really need to step up my game!

I do use graphic organizers in my teaching but, must admit, this year I haven't used them as often. It really feels like there has been a lot this year that I never got to or didn't do the way I would have done it in past years. The only thing I can think is that with the year starting with us missing over 3 weeks of school (darn strike!!!) I kind of started off already feeling behind. Plus, I had a student teacher for 3 weeks in first term and ALL 12 weeks of second term. A lot of my old standbys have been set aside so far this year.

Here's my thinking...

The good thing is that I have my class back to myself when school starts next week and I can hardly wait! Don't get me wrong...I loved my student teacher (she totally rocks and we are all going to miss her a lot!) and she brought many great ideas to the classroom. I learned a lot from her and plan to incorporate some of her class management and drama ideas into my teaching. 

Yet, there is something about having the kids back to myself that gets me excited. I have been planning new units since February and am looking forward to teaching them. Plus, I am psyched to get Daily 5 going again with even higher expectations for the kids this term. After reading Chapter 5, I am also going to introduce more graphic organizers to our learning. The next three months are going to be awesome!



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