Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Check this out!!!!

So, today I spent 45 minutes creating a schedule on the white board in our new teaching office.

I am so, so, so happy with it!

You know that I do love me some colour coordination!

I am not sure which made me happier. The new white board markers or the fact that I bought colours that coordinate with the different studio floors. Woohoo!!!

Now we can all quickly know who is where when (i.e. gym, music, library etc) plus who is teaching in which studio when.



In fact, I was having so much fun making this, while the class was in the library, that I totally forgot to write the note home about Halloween.


So, if you are checking this today AND you are in our community, please note that students are allowed to wear costumes to school tomorrow (the usual no masks/no weapons schtick). We will be doing a small (community only) parade of our costumes at the start of the day and parents are welcome to hang out for that part. The rest of the day will be spent doing Halloween stations with each of the teachers in our community. We will  not be having a food party at all but will be watching a Magic School Bus video  (Going Batty - which seemed like a good choice given that bats are a Halloween type thing AND all the teachers will probably have gone batty by that point in the day!!!) as a whole community to end our day.

Cross your fingers for a no rain day tomorrow.

Ms. Hughes

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