Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday Favourites

Again on a Saturday! This is becoming a very bad habit!

This has been a long week! What with the move so close and all, I am pretty darn tired and not sure if I can think of one thing to tell about this past week (much less five!!!) but I'll give it the old college try!

1. Creating our math glyph about our feelings regarding leaving the old school and moving into the new school. I took some photos (sorry about the blur!) of the charts and a few of the finished glyphs.


Aren't they wonderful? I was so pleased with how they turned out. I put them up for the walkabout tour today and they are fab! Please check them out when you come to school on Monday and see if you can figure out which one YOUR child made!

2. The final walkabout for the old school. It was such a great turn out. I met a lovely lady who was in grade 1 in 1936! She had such wonderful stories!!! Did you know that they used to have a gramophone outside the office to get the kids back to class after recess? Apparently they came marching back in to a song called "Captain Boogie"!

3. The cardboard box "classrooms" the kids are creating. We made charts of needs/wants for our new class. I was very surprised to hear that the students think centres are a want and not a need. I, for one, think that centres are a need in grade 1. Learning through play is vitally important at this age.

4. Enjoying the last of the sunny days before the weekend rain started. It was really nice to be able to take the class out for a play on Thursday afternoon.

5. Learning how to do Partner Reading for our Daily 5 time. We have gotten to 5 minutes! It will be back to Daily 5 Boot Camp once we get into the new building but I am very pleased with the progress so far!

Have a happy weekend!

Ms. Hughes

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