Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Favourites

Seems I should rename these something with the word Saturday in them since I haven't managed to do them on a Friday in a couple of weeks!!!

Here goes:

1) Completing all of the goal setting conferences this past week. Between the conferences and packing for the move, I put in a 12 hour day each day this past week but I survived! I was so happy to see that each and every family made it to the goal setting conferences. Now to make all of those goals come to fruition!

2) Centres on Friday was awesome! I got some Lego from the teacher next door that needs to be packed for our community. I put it out for the kids to use and some of the little guys, who have boundless energy, played happily, quietly and (best of all!) co-operatively for over 45 minutes! It was a miracle!!!

Do you see the little bed that didn't get packed up with the Fisher Price Centre? I'm thinking this class will love it when I get to unpack all of that stuff. They haven't even seen it yet!

And the kids who weren't playing with Lego were sewing. Yep, you heard me right! Sewing! Two of the girls asked me to bring some needles to school and so I pulled out my tapestry needles (they can go through fabric with a bit of muscle power but aren't sharp enough to do damage) and a group of students sewed with me. It was so fun and so relaxing. We seriously discussed creating a sewing centre for centre time in our new school!

3) Being given 2 extra prep periods so that I could finish packing the primary book room materials. Thank you to my admin for that!!!! It is finally done (HURRAY!!!) Now I can finish off the classroom!

4) Starting our directed drawing lessons. I love teaching these (well, honestly, I love teaching anything art related) and it never fails to amaze me how each child can follow the same directions and yet end up with such unique drawings.

5) Getting to 11 minutes of read to self. WOOHOO!!!! It was tricky to do what with movers coming in to take furniture while we were trying to read but the class did really well. This coming week I am going to start pulling kids over to do some reading assessments. I want to get our RAZ kids going!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ms. Hughes

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