Sunday, October 14, 2012

Most Awesome Sewing Idea...

So, having been asked by some of the students to create a sewing centre in our new school, I have been surfing around on the web and my favourite site, Pinterest, looking for inspiration. I found a teacher who has the most awesome sewing table in her room and, now, I want one!!!

Check this out...

This teacher has a table that she purchased (only now it is no longer being made or sold, gosh darn it!) that she calls her tapestry table.

from sewingschool

But this teacher has created her own version of a tapestry table (see below) and that is what I want to do in the new building. I need to get a better idea of how much room I will have for it but I love the idea and know that this class would enjoy it a lot. I am sure that I can scrounge up an old coffee table to use to make this.
I went today and picked up some needles with bigger eyes in both plastic and metal. The metal ones are all proper tapestry needles so they have the dulled points. I am really excited by this new idea. So, a big thank you to the two girls who put the sewing bug in my ear!!!
I am having visions of random tapestries and felt animal projects. This class is big on cuddle buddies. Maybe we need to each sew our own?!?! I know I'll be doing a shout out for sewing help over this year. Sure do hope that there are some sewing mamas and papas in this class!
Ms. Hughes

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