Monday, October 1, 2012

Today we worked on patterns again. I pulled out a book from our Math and Literature collection called Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris. It is a great book for patterns because each page demonstrates a different pattern. ABABAB. ABBABBABB. ABCABCABC. etc. And each page has a bunch of different things going on with the same pattern but using different colours, shapes etc.

Pattern Fish

After the story, each student had to create their own pattern fish. The challenge was to not use the simple ABAB pattern but to try more complicated patterns using up to 3 or 4 repeating objects or colours. They turned out great! Each fish is as unique as the student who created it. Here are a couple of examples:

See what I mean? Aren't they fun to look at? And, when you look closely, you will see all sorts of patterns going on!

Since this group is so good at patterning and sorting I am going to leave those topics for awhile and come back to them later in the year. But in more complexity. I think that they will be ready for it.

We are going to start working on number concepts to 20 tomorrow. I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that the class is as good with numbers as they are with patterns! (Now if they could only transfer that math skill to their listening skills we would be golden! Ah, well, if wishes were horses, right?)

Ms. Hughes

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