Monday, October 8, 2012

Ten Things For Which I Am Thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I think it is very important to stop and think about all that I have in my life for which I feel great thanks and gratitude. So, in no particular order...

1. My family... I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful, supportive husband and loving, happy daughter. I am missing them this Thanksgiving weekend but know that they are having a wonderful time with all of hubby's family at the wedding in T.O.

2. Our four legged family members. Our five year old maltipoo,  Bosley. (Isn't he the cutest doggy ever?!?!)

And, my daughter's kitten, Simon, who, at 6 months, is absolutely insane but cute enough when he sleeps to make his antics (i.e. the 6 headsets he has chewed through since we got him) more bearable.

3. My health...I know that there are many, many people out there who do not have their health and do not feel good inside their own skin. I am so fortunate to have missed (knock wood) the health issues that run in my family. I have a healthy body and so appreciate my ability to run, walk, breathe easily etc every day. Health is a blessing most people don't appreciate until it is gone. I appreciate mine.

4. My job...again so many people either have no work or have work that they do not enjoy. I won't lie and say that every thing about teaching is a piece of cake (my nose would be longer than Pinocchio's!) but, overall, it is a job that gives me much fulfillment and joy at least 90% of the time.

5. My school...this one kind of ties in with the one above but needs to be said. Having worked in different schools across the city, I am fully aware of how fortunate I am to work in a school where the parents are actively involved and offer both their time, expertise and financial support to help make our school the wonderful place that it is! 

6. My class this year...I end up saying this every year but I am really starting to enjoy this latest batch of unique souls that have been entrusted to me this year.

7. can I clearly state how much I am grateful for my ability to read and enjoy books?  I honestly don't think that I have gone a day without reading in years. In fact, I will get up at 5:15 in the morning just to get some reading in. Crazy? Probably but books are my friends. What else is there to say?

8. My parents...I am thankful for the part they played in raising me to become the woman I am today. I appreciate that they both did the very best job that they knew how to do and that they instilled me with a love of learning and teaching.

9. My home...I live in my favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver, in an apartment my family can afford and have a community of good people around me. I feel embraced by my home each and every day.  

10. My bed...This one sounds a little frivolous but I work hard all day and really, really love that feeling of sliding between my covers for a good night's sleep each night. I just wish I liked waking up as much!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your weekend be filled with all the things for which your are thankful!

Ms. Hughes

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