Friday, October 19, 2012

School on the Brain

I went to bed every night this past week thinking about school and woke up every morning thinking about school. In between I dreamt about school! It was crazy!!!!

Right now I do not ever, ever, ever want to see a packing box again!


Of course, I will be met with the sight of a gazillion boxes when I go in to start unpacking on Sunday. But that will at least have an outcome that I will like. The only outcome from all the packing is fatigue! Big time fatigue! (Note to self: Never work two 14 hour days in a row ever again. You will feel horrible!)

Today we had a professional day which was spent with my new community colleagues planning for the coming weeks. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep in (I was asleep before 8:30 last night!) but we got lots accomplished and I was happy in the end that I got out of bed.

I wanted to share some of the work that the class did last week. We wrote thank you notes to the construction workers and the moving crew. They turned out so well. I think that it is one of the best writing jobs the class has done yet! These ones are the ones to the construction crew. First, check the card fronts out. The pictures are so bright and unique...

Now, check out the writing. How wonderful is this? I did give the class the spelling for "Dear Construction Workers" and "Thank you for" but most of the students did lots of Fearless Spelling. I thought that they did a great job! I have seen great progress in their writing over the last couple of weeks. I love when that happens!

Were you able to read all of those? I hope so because they all made me smile. The ones to the moving crew were also great. One of my favourites is the one that read "Thank you for all the hard work. These boxes are heavy. How do you carry them?" So sweet! And the other student who said "Thank you for moving our Smart board" (I agree! And can only hope that it is up and running on Tuesday!!!!)  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ms. Hughes

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