Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday Community Centres...

I am continuously impressed with the creativity that comes out when the students get the opportunity to choose where they want to work during Centre time. Here are some things that came out of the arts and craft table this past Friday.

 How cute are these two puppets? The one on the bottom is pointing to say "That way!" A whole bunch of kids from the community got into making paper bag puppets last Friday. Wish I had gotten pictures of more of them. Sigh...

It's hard to tell but each of these small animals are about the size of a loonie. The two girls who made them worked very hard on them for the whole hour! The top one is even stuffed! I love that they love to sew! 

And I am still dreaming of finding a coffee table that I can use to do this. Know anyone who has one they want gone? I'll take it!!!! You'd think old coffee tables would be everywhere and, if I wanted IKEA tables, that would be the case. Unfortunately, I need a table that has a frame not just four legs screwed to a top (a la IKEA) and these older coffee tables are not quite so easy to find at the used furniture stores. But, never fear, I will keep looking!

Also, looks like we'll be getting two new big arts and crafts tables for our common area. The library just got new tables and I have snagged two of the old ones. One will be near the teacher's sink and paint supply area so that we can do more painting activities and the other will house the craft supplies (that are currently in my studio). I'd like to have just the sewing supplies in my studio (and, hopefully, a sewing table for group projects if I can just get my hands on the right kind of coffee table!!!!)

Honestly, there are days when I wish I could just teach arts and crafts all day long. Sigh...


Ms. Hughes

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